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  • TheTaxBook Online: Same content as the printed books.
  • Easy to Search: Find answers fast!
  • Up-To-Date Content: Updated to reflect new legislation and the latest information released from the IRS.
  • PDF Format: Print and/or email pages to your clients.
  • Access Anywhere: Available anywhere you have internet.
  • Use Any Device: Computer, iPad, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Bookmarks & History: Find previously viewed documents fast.
  • TheTaxBook Archives: Access previous years' editions.

TheTaxBook Archives

New editions of TheTaxBook are released in December. The homepage will automatically switch to the new editions. Click on "TheTaxBook Archives" to access previous year editions from 2009 to present.

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Exceptional Value!

The WebLibrary provides great savings compared to purchasing the books separate in hardcopy.

TheTaxBook Series WebLibrary WebLibrary Plus
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All States Edition $99 $99
California Edition $69
Depreciation $69
Social Security & Medicare $69
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FastTaxFacts $69
Total Retail Value $336 $750
1st User Price $159 $279
Percent Savings Over Retail 53% 63%

Voted the #1 Tax & Accounting Research Solution

TheTaxBook was voted the #1 Tax & Accounting Research Solution in the 2021 CPA Practice Advisors Readers' Choice Awards. This year represents the ninth year in a row that TheTaxBook has earned this honor. Thank you to our wonderful customers who took the time to vote! To view the announcement of the 2020 Readers Choice Awards in the CPA Practice Advisors Magazine, please click here.

Preferred Over 11-to-1 to our Competition

TheTaxBook is preferred over 11-to-1 to Quickfinder, the CCH Master Tax Guide, and J.K. Lasser. Please click here for more information.

98% Satisfaction Rating

Tax Materials, Inc. has achieved the highest published satisfaction rating in the industry.

Tax Industry News

Year-round coverage of new legislation and industry news affecting the tax preparation industry.

Free Online CPE Hours

Purchase any title from TheTaxBook Series, or a WebLibrary User, and receive free Online CPE Hours for each product purchased. Online CPE Hours do not expire.

Product Free Online CPE Hours
TheTaxBook Series 1 hour per copy
WebLibrary Plus 1st User 5 hours per 1st user
Additional WebLibrary Plus User 1 hour per additional user
WebLibrary 1st User 2 hours per 1st User
Additional WebLibrary User 1 hour per additional user

Tools for Tax Pros

Electronic printable documents tax professionals use to provide disclosures, recordkeeping, substantiation, and more.

  • Tax Organizers: Individual, Sole Proprietor, LLC, C┬áCorporation, S┬áCorporation
  • Consent to Disclose Information
  • Engagement Letter
  • Estate Inventory Worksheet
  • Fair Market Value Guide for Noncash Contributions
  • Depreciation Worksheet
  • Limited Spanish versions available
  • and more!

Message Board

Do you have questions about a client's tax return? Use our Message Board to ask a fellow tax preparer. The Message Board is exclusive to our customers and not available to the general public.
http://thetaxbook.com/message (click on "Deluxe Edition Inside Front Cover" to find password)

TheTaxBook Updates

TheTaxBook and government documents are updated to reflect new legislation and the latest information released from the IRS.

"The WebLibrary is a great research tool."
Satish Mulekar
Mobile, AL

"I have always enjoyed the ease in using TheTaxBook. The WebLibrary is very useful in that pages can be easily printed and given to the client for their use if necessary."
Bruce Ekmanian
Arroyo Grande, CA

"I use the WebLibrary on almost a daily basis during tax season and I like everything about it."
Doug Stone
St Louis Park, MN

"The WebLibrary is so easy to navigate. I find answers quickly!"
Steffanie Haring
Bozeman, MT

"The WebLibrary is the first source I go to when researching an issue. It cuts down on the time I have to spend researching by pointing me to the relevant code, cases, rulings, regulations and publications to get more detailed information. I could not do my job without it."
Nancy Kathan
Newmarket, NH

"TheTaxBook is a must have for tax professionals. I always have the Deluxe Edition within reach and also have a link to the WebLibrary on my desktop. Keep up the excellent work!"
Margy Dunn, EA
Monterey, CA

"I tried the WebLibrary. I was quite surprised that I like it as much as the books themselves. It is easier to find things by using the search feature, which I like, obviously because it is quicker, especially during tax season when time is a precious commodity. Keep up the good work!"
Rhonda Simmons
Platteville, WI

"A very quick reference to the topic I'm researching due to the tabs and summaries for the various sections/topics."
Jeffery E. Guddat
Auburn, WA

"Thank you for the timely updates. They...set you apart from the competition."
Chuck Warman, CPA
Wichita Falls, TX

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