Economic Recovery Payment Lookup

Post Date: 3/19/10
Last Updated: 3/19/10


The government retiree credit equals $250 ($500 MFJ and both spouses qualify) and is allowed if the taxpayer (or spouse, if MFJ) received a pension or annuity payment in 2009 for service performed for the U.S. Government or any U.S. state or local government (or any agency of one or more of these), and the service was not covered by Social Security. The credit is not allowed if the eligible taxpayer (or spouse) received a $250 economic recovery payment during 2009.

Tax preparers now have the ability to check to see if their client received this payment by clicking on the above IRS website link. The website asks for the taxpayer’s Social Security Number, date of birth, and zip code from the last tax return that was filed.
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