Sales Tax, Shipping Dates, Organizers, and More

Post Date: 11/28/18
Last Updated: 11/28/18


Sales Tax
Many states are updating their sales tax policies in the wake of the historic Wayfair court ruling. Tax Materials, Inc. is in the process of registering with the states that now require us to charge sales tax. We will start collecting sales tax in those states as we become registered. Click here for a list of states which we collect sales tax.

TheTaxBook Shipping Dates
The 2018 tax year editions of TheTaxBook are scheduled to start shipping on December 17th. Please note, we ship first in, first out, and plan to ship all orders by January 11th. Click here to check the shipping status of your order.

2018 Organizers
The 2018 organizers are now available in the WebLibrary and on our website. Click on "Tools for Tax Pros." To access the organizers on our website you will need the 2017 or 2018 password.

2018 WebLibrary (Subscription Required)
The 2018 tax year editions of TheTaxBook will be available in the WebLibrary in mid-December. The homepage of the WebLibrary will automatically switch to the new editions. Click on "TheTaxBook Archives" to access previous-year editions from 2009 to present.

2019 Client Handouts (Subscription Required)
The 2019 tax year versions of the Client Handouts are scheduled to be released the end of January. Also note that the 2018 tax year versions of the Client Handouts are ready for distribution to clients and reflect tax law changes made by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
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