Update...More Tools for Tax Pros Now Available!

Post Date: 11/11/11
Last Updated: 11/11/11


In October 2011, Tax Materials, Inc. announced the introduction of Tools for Tax Pros, a new service available to customers of TheTaxBook. The tools are documents tax professionals can use with clients to provide disclosures, recordkeeping, substantiation, and more.

Tools now available. Previously TheTaxBook Organizer, Engagement Letter, and Fair Market Value Guide for Noncash Contributions were available. The following additional tools are now available.
• Average Basis
• Checkbook Register
• Depreciation Worksheet
• Partner’s Adjusted Basis Worksheet
• Worksheet for Recharacterizations and Excess Contributions
• Reduced Exclusion on Sale of Home Worksheet
• Simplified Method Worksheet
• Checkbook Reconciliation Statement
• Consent to Release Information
• Business Auto Trade-In Worksheet
• Estate Inventory Worksheet
• Gross-Up Computation Worksheet
• Worksheet to Reconcile Amounts Reported in Name of Decedent on Information Returns
• Cash Flow Statement

Look for the 2011 version of TheTaxBook Organizer to be released in December 2011.

Access tools today. Go to the Update Service homepage, enter your 2010 or 2011 password and click on the Tools for Tax Pros button.
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