TheTaxBook Sponsored Webcast with TaxSpeaker (Bob Jennings)

Post Date: 5/22/17
Last Updated: 5/22/17


Tax Materials, Inc. has partnered with TaxSpeaker to produce a 2 hour CPE Webcast. Using TheTaxBook WebLibrary and hyperlinks from TaxSpeaker’s 1040 manual, the course will illustrate and discuss ten common income tax misperceptions and misunderstandings, explaining what the rules actually require, and provide examples of the correct rule application in real life.

Who is TaxSpeaker?
Formerly Jennings Seminars, TaxSpeaker was founded twenty-five years ago by Bob Jennings, a practicing CPA in Indiana. Today the company has nine of the top speakers in the industry with speaking engagements throughout the country. Like TheTaxBook authors, all TaxSpeaker speakers must be practicing tax preparers. Staying relevant and sharp from the practitioners point of view is an essential ingredient in both writing and speaking to tax professionals.

Course Title
Unconventional Tax Wisdom: 10 tax concepts which challenge conventional tax wisdom.

Dates and Registration
To register click on a date. All courses start at 12:00PM Eastern Time.
Live Date: 8/15 (limited seating, please book early)
Rebroadcast Dates: 8/24, 8/29, 9/26, 10/19, 11/7, 11/20, 12/4, and 12/21

Only $19.95 for 2 hours of CPE!

You are sure to enjoy the course. Bob Jennings is a very talented speaker. He will keep you interested and entertained.
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