IRS Contacts Unenrolled Preparers About Voluntary Education Program

Post Date: 10/14/14
Last Updated: 10/15/14


The IRS Return Preparer Office recently sent emails to 390,000 unenrolled return preparers regarding the voluntary Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP). The AFSP is a voluntary program geared towards non-credentialed tax return preparers and gives them a way to stay up-to-date on new tax law and changes. Tax preparers who choose to participate will receive an AFSP - Record of Completion and listing in the IRS's public database of return preparers.
For more information on the AFSP program go to

How does it work?
To obtain an AFSP – Record of Completion, tax return preparers must:
- Have an active PTIN
- Complete Continuing Education requirement from an IRS approved CE provider.
- Complete and Pass the Annual Federal Tax Refresher Course (AFTR) – Non-Exempt Preparers Only.

Who is exempt from the AFTR?
- CPAs
- EAs
- Attorneys
- Anyone who previously passed the RTRP test
- Active Members of Oregon Board of Tax, Maryland State Board of Individual Tax Practitioners, and/or CTEC
- VITA volunteers

For the complete list of exempt tax preparers, go to

Continuing Education Requirements for the 2015 Filing Season
Exempt – 8 hours NonExempt – 11 hours
3 hours Federal Tax Law Updates 6 hours AFTR Course and Test
3 hours Federal Tax Law Topics 3 hours Federal Tax Law Topics
2 hours Ethics 2 hours Ethics

For full details on the AFSP program, click on the printable version below.
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