IRS Letter to Tax Return Preparers

Post Date: 10/12/12
Last Updated: 12/10/12


Cross References
• IRS Letter 4810 (Rev. 11-2012)

The IRS is sending letters to approximately 1,200 tax return preparers who prepare Schedule C, Form 1040 returns. The letter reads as follows:

Dear tax return preparer,

We reviewed tax returns you prepared in the past year and found that many have a high percentage of traits we believe typically indicate errors on the Form 1040, Schedule C, Profit or Loss from Business (Sole Proprietorship).

We’d like to schedule an educational visit with you to review your responsibilities in correctly preparing the Schedule C for the upcoming filing season.

An IRS employee will contact you soon to schedule an appointment. This is not an audit of you or your clients. We won’t review any tax returns, but we will review Schedule C rules.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Carol A. Campbell
Director, Return Preparer Office
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