RTRP Flow Chart Determine Your Needs

Post Date: 5/30/12
Last Updated: 5/30/12


The IRS continues to release new information and has changed some key dates regarding the new RTRP regulations. Justifiably, our customers have expressed some confusion.

In particular, we feel it would be helpful to clarify the Continuing Professional Education (CPE/CE) requirements. All tax professionals, EAs, CPAs, RTRPs, and RTRP candidates are currently required to complete continuing education. Please see the chart below to determine your needs.

Of note, Tax Materials, Inc. offers a variety of CPE/CE courses to meet your requirements as a tax professional. Our courses are valid in all 50 states for all levels of certification (CPA, EA, RTRP). Also, our new RTRP Exam Preparation Course is set for release on June 15. We guarantee a passing grade on the RTRP examination to all who have successfully completed the course!

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RTRP Flow Chart

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