CPE Policies
CPE Policy: Policy is subject to change at Tax Materials, Inc. (TMI) discretion. Online CPE Hours issued by TMI will not expire as long as TMI continues to offer online self-study CPE courses. Customers may receive a full refund for Online CPE Hours if they request a refund from TMI within 30 days of purchase and they have not used any of their Online CPE Hours. Online CPE Hours retain no residual value after 30 days from purchase.

Record Retention Policy: Tax Materials, Inc. will retain a record of course participants and final exam scores for a minimum of five years.

Course Update Policy: Tax law and procedures are constantly changing. For that reason Tax Materials, Inc. courses are subject to update and review at any time throughout the year. We guarantee that any tax law changes affecting course content will be reflected in our courses within 90 days of the announcement to the change in that law. In the event that a course does not have specific tax law changes between normal update cycles the courses are updated at a minimum once annually. Most of our course updates are released in September of the given calendar year with these changes and general improvements to the course based on customer feedback.