How to Use TheTaxBook

1. Use TheTaxBook Index to find answers fast

Our in-depth index makes finding your answer fast and easy. Subjects are indexed multiple times to take the guess work out of determining which search term to use.

Example: Do you have a client using a portion of their home for business?

Index entries include: Business Use of Home, Home Use - Business, and Office in Home

2. Review coverage of new tax law

Become familiar with new tax law before tax season!

A. Review "Tab 1 What's New" to understand major tax revisions and inflation adjusted numbers for the upcoming tax season.
B. Flip through each tab in the book. Review the "New for 20XX" content in the upper right corner of page one of each tab.

3. Utilize Tab Contents in each tabbed section

In addition to using TheTaxBook Index, the Tab Contents section on the first page of each tab is a great way to find answers fast!

4. Become familiar with our free services

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5. Keep the book close

88% of our customers keep TheTaxBook within arms reach. On average, our customers reference the book 2-3 times per day during tax season.