Clients with Children

Includes information on how a child or other qualifying person affects a client's tax return. FastTaxFacts are Tri-fold, laminated "cheat sheets" containing commonly referenced charts and tables. Expanded size is 24-1/2" x 11" and folds to a convenient 8-1/2" x 11" size.

Reasons to Order

  • Great for fast answers!
  • Perfect complement to TheTaxBook and/or a WebLibrary subscription.
  • FastTaxFacts includes information not found in TheTaxBook.

Start Ship Date: 12/15/2016
Price: $17
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Clients with Children Chart Highlights

  • Dependency Flow Chart
  • Head of Household Flow Chart
  • Earned Income Credit Flow Chart
  • Child and Dependent Care Credit Flow Chart
  • Child Tax Credit Flow Chart
  • Additional Child Tax Credit Flow Chart
  • Kiddie Tax Thresholds
  • Kiddie Tax Reporting Options
  • Tax Benefits of Employing Children
  • Retirement Contributions for Children
  • Education Tax Credits
  • Tuition and Fees Deduction
  • Education Expense Reporting Options
  • Taxation of Distributions From Education Plans
  • and more!

“I have been extremely satisfied with Tax Materials, Inc. Best materials I have ever used.”
Jordan J. Derderian, Jr.
Newbury, NH

“I love the Fast Tax Facts they give an easy to follow road map.”
Ellen Tendziegloski
Dearborn Heights, MI